Setting up FISH

Well, I have recently started using a MAC and I am loving the feeling. I almost never use anything that is set by default.

I am currently running on iterm+fish.

Getting iterm and fish working is like a walk in the park. Its easy.

So if you want to change your shell and make fish as default you have to use
chsh -s <path to your new bash>

The moment you have fish running, you will fall in love with it. There is color highlighting, intellisense , autocompletion. Its nice.

But the very next problem you end up having is:

Setting up environment variables

So lets say you need to add a new path to the already exisiting PATH variable in fish, so how do you do it.

its actually very simple but a little hard to find on the internet(maybe i dont know how to search).

The steps to do this are as follows:

1) Create a config file in the following location ~/.config/fish/

2) Open the file

3) insert the following statement in your file `set PATH $PATH things you want to add>

4) source the config file

5) You are done

Thats it for now!


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